Glass pipe: Hot topic of the smoker’s world

Some call it bong, some call it hookah, some call it glass pipe or for some it is a weed pipe. Call it anything you want but at the base it a tool designed to make smoking more heavenly for all smokers.

Glass pipe is a tool designed to reach a new high point and get an instant, lasting hit. This pipe is getting popular among smokers across the globe for the comfort, style and hit kick it gives.

To put it simply, glass pipe is a percolator made up of glass. But designers and artist across the world are making fascinating creations out of this percolator to making smoking an experience worth having.

Let us see why glass pipe is favourable over other materials like bamboo or clay!

First of all, glass does not have any taste of its own. This help smoker to enjoy the real taste of the herbs they are using without any dilution. Plus glass is a bad conductor of heat and hence save its users from unnecessary burns while filling and sucking glass pipe.

Glass can be melted and moulded into any shapes and is durable (Glass pipe is made up of hard glass). By the way, these glass pipes come in different types, shapes and designs as I said earlier. But do you know that they are used for different purposes too like as Bubblers, Steamrollers, Chillums, Gandalf, Sherlock pipes and so on.

Enjoy this sensation of the smoking world and have a feel of art and herbs together.


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