Seeing Beyond a Bong!

It’s not just a bong, it’s a recreational device, folks! What is important over here is the fact that a bong has a special purpose. It has the purpose of acting out all of the fantasies of a mature group of smoking audience. It is also important that it should not be mistaken for something else, like a weed pipe, or any other instrument.

As compared to any other instrument like pipes or blunts, bongs offer the ‘coolest’ smoking experience, literally!

Different Types: It is essential to know that there exist highly creative people out there who are adept at developing different varieties of bongs. The different varieties include:

  1. Different styles, colors, shapes, sizes: Since the introduction of this tool, it has gone through a series of different modifications. We can also say that the bong has undergone a radical shift in the way it was developed and has gradually evolved. Different types serve different functionalities.
  2. Ice Bongs: These types are those that are made up of glass and the user puts an ice cube into the neck and it is held in place by a cork.
  3. Bubblers: Also known as ‘water bubblers’, these are very important, the reason being that they contain water and the smoke is made to pass through the water. The smoke as a result gets cooled and also produces a richer blend of variety.
  4. Acrylic Bongs: These are made out of acrylic material. It offers an easy cleaning and low cost option for first time buyers.
  5. Glass Bong: This type of bong is made out of glass, and being said, is malleable and reflects heat. Being made up of glass, it allows a person to not burn his/her lips or hands.
  6. Ceramic Bong: Wet clay is hardened by baking it. It is least popular because of the reason that it has a very small chamber for smoke to build up.
  7. Bucket Bong: This type uses water to create a constant vacuum. The smoke is made much denser, meaning that the chemicals are needed to be absorbed in a much denser amount.
  8. Slide Bongs: This type of bong is an instrument that makes the use of a sliding mechanism. The stem of such a bong is divided into two parts.

And the world of bongs does not stop here! It flowers on into a much more exciting world of magical recreation!


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