How to use Weed pipe and Bong

The mankind has been involved with cannabis over like thousands of years. It has been and is still known with different names in different places. Ganjaa, Weed, Marijuana, pod, Dobie and many more, it has been a part of our culture since the beginning. Almost every country has some or the other kind of legal law regarding weed, yet a number of countries have had a rethink on their cannabis laws in recent years.

The smoking habits down the line have also changed. People are now taking more fancy way outs to smoke weed. And most in trends are Weed pipe or glass pipe and Bong. So, here are few tips on how to use a weed pipe/glass pipe and a Bong.

Weed pipe/Glass Pipe

  • A marijuana pipe has a bowl piece, which is where the cannabis is loaded
  • Ensure that your weed is evenly broken down but not too finely ground.
  • Use a stem and/or a nice-sized intact calyx to stuff at the very bottom of your bowl to prevent particulates from passing though.
  • Pack your herb very lightly at the bottom and slightly denser at the top for an even smoke.

For everybody first learning how to smoke a pipe, there are a few pieces of etiquette to follow that will help ensure you have the best possible experience. When engaging in a smoking session with others, make sure that you pack a bowl that’s proportional to the size of your smoking circle.


  • Fill the bong with water until it just covers the down stem.
  • Fill any percolators with water. Percolators, or percs, are small additions in the neck and chamber of the bong that further filter your smoke.
  • Slide in the down stem and a clean bowl and take a test drag.
  • Remove the bowl from the bong to fill it up.
  • Loosely pack the bowl with your smoking material.
  • Place the bowl into the down stem of the bong.
  • Hold the lighter up to the edge of the bowl while simultaneously inhaling.

You can find different types and designs of weed pipe/glass pipe and bongs. One of such is Stoners, get stoned in style and feel the fizz.


Smoking topic of the world- Bong

Whenever anyone utters a name ‘Bong’, what comes in front of you?

Personally, I imagine myself sitting quietly with my lover on the sea shore and enjoying each hit and let the aroma absorb my mind totally.

I have accepted the weed pipe so easily as a part of my life style that I have almost started believing that it has been a part of my culture for centuries.

But that is not true. Glass pipe or bong is the Asian concept. Smoking herbs through round pipes or Bamboo are what Asians have been doing for centuries.

But today, if anybody asks you which is the biggest consumer of the bong in the world, then it is neither Asian countries nor western nor European. The country which boasts this title is Australia.
weed pipe

Making a bong seems to be more than just a pastime activity for Aussies. They seem to be more in love with smoke than anybody else on the earth. These details are provided by the survey recently made across the world by The Global Drug survey (GDS).

The GDS is actually a research partnership between health professionals and global media companies. As per the survey, Cannabis is the most widely used illegal drug by Aussies. While people in other countries prefer to smoke it straight in a joint, they prefer bong.

One more interesting thing to pay attention to is the fact that one of our most well-known museums in the Australia, the Powerhouse in Sydney, actually has a bong in its collection.

Well even if Aussies are killing it on the global platform, we all have an access to the bong and are blessed with some amazing designer bongs. Glass bongs are seemed more popular though as these bongs are able to keep the flavour of the herbs intact and don’t get hot too if heated weed stays inside it for a longer time.

With all due respect to the bong lover Aussies, by virtue of World Wide Web, we all can order one of the coolest bong or weed pipe online and enjoy hits as joyfully as every Aussie does. Just imagine yourself holding your favorite bong filled with your favorite herbs or weed.

Solitude, celebration, party or function, bong will always fit on our list. For those who do not understand the joy of it, well we feel sorry for you!



Bong and its long history

Happiness and celebration has no boundaries of date, time, day, season, you name it. And when celebration is on, we have to have bong in it.

BongNo matter what the place it is, hill or sea or garden or backyard, friends, music and bong or as some call it weed pipe is the must have combination of every party.

By the way Bong is said to be originated from a Thai word baung which actually means a cylindrical wooden tube or pipe cut from the plant of Bamboo. This was being used for smoking by Thai people. How we pick up an invention from different culture and make it global is amazing!

Well, the bong has not just gone global but is witnessing a huge craze among young and adult equally. Be it a Disco, pub, bong parlour, cafe, it is a part of every hangout joint. This scenario is visible not only in western countries but in Europe and Asia too.

They are available in the market in different colour, design, material patterns attracting classy and quirky customers simultaneously. Among all these bongs, glass pipes are popular for the texture they have and the transparency they carry. Plus glass pipes do not interfere with the flavour of the herbs hence allow users to enjoy an authentic flavour.

This bong or weed pipe is not a new invention, yes we have given it a modern touch but it has been in use since centuries in almost every culture. Greek, Chinese, Indians, Mughals all had bong in their time, with a similar cylindrical structure.

In India it is famously known as Hookah. It was created in the form of which we are familiar today, way back in 15th century when Indians were first introduced to the glass manufacturing. During Ottoman Empire it got popular among royalties of the empire.

Hookah or bong is known around world with different names such as, okka, narghile, shisha, ghalyan etc. Many of these synonyms are of Asian, Middle Eastern and African origin.

In U.S, people tend to call the tobacco or herbs smoked from Glass Pipe as “shisha.” But this is an incorrect use of this word. It is actually because of the influence of Middle East countries where people use this word as slang.

Glass pipe: Hot topic of the smoker’s world

Some call it bong, some call it hookah, some call it glass pipe or for some it is a weed pipe. Call it anything you want but at the base it a tool designed to make smoking more heavenly for all smokers.

Glass pipe is a tool designed to reach a new high point and get an instant, lasting hit. This pipe is getting popular among smokers across the globe for the comfort, style and hit kick it gives.

To put it simply, glass pipe is a percolator made up of glass. But designers and artist across the world are making fascinating creations out of this percolator to making smoking an experience worth having.

Let us see why glass pipe is favourable over other materials like bamboo or clay!

First of all, glass does not have any taste of its own. This help smoker to enjoy the real taste of the herbs they are using without any dilution. Plus glass is a bad conductor of heat and hence save its users from unnecessary burns while filling and sucking glass pipe.

Glass can be melted and moulded into any shapes and is durable (Glass pipe is made up of hard glass). By the way, these glass pipes come in different types, shapes and designs as I said earlier. But do you know that they are used for different purposes too like as Bubblers, Steamrollers, Chillums, Gandalf, Sherlock pipes and so on.

Enjoy this sensation of the smoking world and have a feel of art and herbs together.

Seeing Beyond a Bong!

It’s not just a bong, it’s a recreational device, folks! What is important over here is the fact that a bong has a special purpose. It has the purpose of acting out all of the fantasies of a mature group of smoking audience. It is also important that it should not be mistaken for something else, like a weed pipe, or any other instrument.

As compared to any other instrument like pipes or blunts, bongs offer the ‘coolest’ smoking experience, literally!

Different Types: It is essential to know that there exist highly creative people out there who are adept at developing different varieties of bongs. The different varieties include:

  1. Different styles, colors, shapes, sizes: Since the introduction of this tool, it has gone through a series of different modifications. We can also say that the bong has undergone a radical shift in the way it was developed and has gradually evolved. Different types serve different functionalities.
  2. Ice Bongs: These types are those that are made up of glass and the user puts an ice cube into the neck and it is held in place by a cork.
  3. Bubblers: Also known as ‘water bubblers’, these are very important, the reason being that they contain water and the smoke is made to pass through the water. The smoke as a result gets cooled and also produces a richer blend of variety.
  4. Acrylic Bongs: These are made out of acrylic material. It offers an easy cleaning and low cost option for first time buyers.
  5. Glass Bong: This type of bong is made out of glass, and being said, is malleable and reflects heat. Being made up of glass, it allows a person to not burn his/her lips or hands.
  6. Ceramic Bong: Wet clay is hardened by baking it. It is least popular because of the reason that it has a very small chamber for smoke to build up.
  7. Bucket Bong: This type uses water to create a constant vacuum. The smoke is made much denser, meaning that the chemicals are needed to be absorbed in a much denser amount.
  8. Slide Bongs: This type of bong is an instrument that makes the use of a sliding mechanism. The stem of such a bong is divided into two parts.

And the world of bongs does not stop here! It flowers on into a much more exciting world of magical recreation!

Let’s See the Different Types of Weed Pipes Available!

It is very important to know what a weed pipe is and the types of weed pipes. This is necessary for those people who are very much mature in their smoking habits. An important consideration is to never use a bowl made up of aluminum foil. The problem is that the aluminum burning causes smoke which is tremendously harmful for your lungs.

Now, let’s see the different types of weed pipes:

  • Steamroller: A paper towel tube works best for this one. You can poke holes in the tube according to your convenience.
  • Candy Pipe: This pipe is made out of stacks of fruit candy. A small pipe is poked through the stacks, the smoke is then smoked through them. It gives a fruity flavor to the smoke.
  • Pen Pipe: This type of weed pipe is made out of pen. The weed is packed into the cone shaped metal lid which is inverted and placed on the pen body. Make sure that no plastic is burnt in the process.
  • Apple Pipe: It is very important to know the use of fruits and natural vegetable/fruit matter in the formation of weed pipes. In such a pipe you can poke a hole through the top of the apple but not all the way through. You can put a hollow pen which will serve as the mouthpiece and the top of the apple will be your bowl.
  • Chillum: This type of pipe is very important as it is very ancient. It is a conical pipe which involves an end-to-end channel. A pebble is often inserted in a chillum to prevent the user from directly inhaling debris. Many people of the Rastafarian movement use the chillum in modern day use.
  • Hand Pipes: These are very common and useful in everyday life. Their advantages are that they are small, portable and easy to use. Hand pipes work by trapping smoke produced by burning cannabis and then inhaling it.
  • One Time Hitters: These pipes are of the variety of giving only one-time hits. These pipes have room to fill just a little bit of cannabis. The advantages of these little tokes is that they can be stored and be kept anywhere with little to no effort.
  • Sherlock Pipes: These are classical ‘out-of-the-novel’ type of pipes. These pipes are usually made out of wood and give the ‘classical’ look of the sleuth detective that is world famous!

The above list is not limited in any extent, and gives the different types of pipes in general. Although many more variations exist, these are the most basic ones.

Weed Pipe: Its Types and Kinds!

The weed pipe has been in existence since the ancient age. It has been used for the smoking of both tobacco and marijuana. It can be made from a range of different materials like briar wood, meerschaum, corncob, clay, glass, and so on. However, it is important to not make it out of aluminum foil as this can be dangerous.

weed pipe
There are different types of weed pipes out there. These are:

  • Clay Device: This pipe is still hanging in there over the ages. They are very hot and hence are not easy to handle. These pipes are one of a few that provide their own flavor to the smoke itself. However, being made out of clay, they are breakable and thus have gone out of fashion.
  • Meerschaum Type: This pipe is made from a marble like stone which is naturally found in the Black Sea, Lakes in Italy, Greece and lake Tanganyika in Africa. Meerschaum is made from the material Sepiolite which is a type of sea/lake foam. It gives a cool, dry and flavor filled smoke.
  • Corncob Variety: The cob is first hollowed out and is set to be dried up for two years. Then, it is converted into a weed pipe, and does a fantastic job as a pipe as it allows the natural cannabis flavors to shine through. Believe us, Frosty the Snowman is not the only one who relishes corncob pipes!
  • Sneak-a-Toke: These are important because they are disguised as pens, lipsticks, or chap sticks. They contain room just enough for one solid hit. These sneaky little things are so small that you can literally carry them anywhere. These are important and useful when you have to taste different strains of corn cob.
  • Calabash Gourd: The weed pipe made from the African Calabash Gourd is certainly a spectacle to look at. It instantly reminds one of Sherlock Holmes. An obstacle is kept beneath the gourd when it is growing to give it the curved shape. The unique shape of the gourd leads to a cooling effect, and this makes for a cool smoking experience!
  • Chillum: This originated in ancient India. It was and is used by Hindu monks for getting hits. The chillum is a weed pipe that can be made out of glass, wood, clay or stone. The cone shape facilitates that the chillum must be held upright!

The Glass Pipe: An Ergonomic Tool for the Modern Era!

What is a glass pipe really? What are its functions? What is its relevance in today’s world? These may be a lot of questions, but they are very relevant. These are the modern-day versions of the good ol’ Sherlock Pipes or Senor Castro’s Cuban cigars! They come in a wide variety of designs, types, colors, shapes that satisfy not only aesthetic but also ergonomic requirements.

Let’s see what a glass pipe actually is?

A glass pipe is a pipe hat is used to impart a pleasant smoking experience for tobacco, or other herbs without actually impacting the original taste, like wood or clay does! It is an evolved version of the clay or wooden pipe.

glass pipeFunctions:

  • Glass, by itself does not add anything to the flavor of the herb or tobacco being smoked.
  • Molten glass, unlike wood or clay, can be shaped into any shape desired. Also, this is essential for ergonomic usability and, it also makes for interesting designs.
  • Glass (unlike wood or clay) does not house borer insects or bacteria.
  • While you may be thinking that glass can be breakable, the glass used to make a glass pipe is usually made up of hard molten glass.


 The glass pipe satisfies a very narrow niche in the crevice of the universe of smoking. Hence, only those who have experience in smoking should attempt to try the likes of the glass pipe.  There are very different varieties and shapes of glass pipes which are suitable for different purposes like Bubblers, Steamrollers, Chillums, Gandalf, Sherlock pipes and so on.

A glass pipe eliminates the need for paper. Thus, it not only gives pure flavor but also it prevents the toxic free radicals (caused by burning of papers) to enter into you.

Thus, for a germ phobic smoker the glass pipe is his best value option!

Few unknown facts about Bong!

The bong is probably the most popular and beloved smoking device in the history of human cannabis use. And here are few facts related to Bong:

  • The bong is descendent of the hookah. The word “bong” is derived from the Thai word ‘baung,’ which means ‘a cylindrical wooden tube, pipe or container cut from bamboo.’Bong | Water Pipe
  • Since cannabis is native to Central Asia, and has been used throughout history in China, it has always been assumed that the bong was invented in Asia.
  • As the hookah uses water filtration like the modern bong, it was always assumed that the bong was developed from the hookah.
  • Eleven pipes were located in two caves and dated to between 1100 and 1400 CE. When researchers tested the pipes, they found ample cannabis residue. This implies that Bong was also invented in Africa.
  • In 1924 Alfred Dunhill published a survey of the smoking pipes of the world. The book included a chapter on the widespread use of a Bong in eastern and southern Africa that was a distinct design that he believed was the invention of the San people.
  • In 1945, archaeologist Mary Leakey found water pipe/ bong in Tanzania.
  • The theory ignores the fact that cannabis in Asian Islamic societies was eaten, rather than smoked, before the introduction of the Bong/water pipe in the early years of the seventeenth century.Bong | Glass Pipe
  • Smoking out of a bong is different than smoking out of a pipe or a rolling paper because of the large capacity of smoke that the chamber can hold.
  • Too much water in your bong can splash up and possibly get in your mouth or drench the substance while you are inhaling.
  • The unquestioned godfather of modern glassblowing is a man named Bob Snodgrass. He fathered the color changing pipe making process of “fuming”, or coating the inside of the pipe with vaporized silver.